Granite countertops are becoming more popular then ever. Solid, natural granite is an excellent countertop source for a variety of reasons.  First of all, it is incredibly durable, having both high scratch and heat resistance.  Second, it is very easy to maintain, just wipe it off when you’re done the cooking and it will remain beautiful for a lifetime.  Finally, the natural beauty of Granite is unmatched by any other countertop surface.
Unfortunately, Granite, because it is a natural stone, may sometimes contain what is generally known as a “chip”. But don’t worry, this is very easy to fix. Troy Granite will give you some tips on “how to fix granite chips own your own” without professional help. You probably have all the tools you need to fix a granite chip laying around your house.  If not, it will just take a quick trip to your neighborhood hardware store. You will need Acetone to clean the granite surface, straight razor blades, super glue, and if you have a darker  Granite Countertop you might want to have a permanent marker. Start cleaning your chipped area with acetone. Let the Granite air dry and apply a small amount of super glue into the repairable area. Once the super glue has completely dried, use a straight razor blade to remove the excess Super glue by “fanning” the excess material away. (This next step only applies if you have darker Granite) Once desired results are achieved, you may wish to use a colored permanent marker such as a black “Sharpie” to color the super glue. If you have any question please call nearest Troy Granite Location or Send us email from
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