Granite countertops are often the biggest upgrade you can make to a home’s kitchen. If you take good care of granite countertops, they can last for decades, and still, look just as polished and beautiful as the day they were installed. These countertops come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit the decorative tastes of any homeowner. The granite in your countertops may easily be the oldest and most durable substance in your home, but special precautions must still be taken to protect it from damage.

In order to protect granite countertops, please follow the following steps:

  1. Apply a high-quality granite sealer to the countertops. This should be done when the granite is completely dry. Buff the sealer with a rough cloth once it dries. Sealer serves not only to enhance the shine of the granite but to give it added protection from stains
  2. If a spill should occur, clean up before the stain has a chance to penetrate the surface. Granite is somewhat absorbent and can absorb stains if spills are left any length of time.
  3. Generally, you can clean your granite countertop with soap and water.
  4. Using regular cleaning chemicals on your countertop will strip the seal and leave the porous surface of the granite exposed.
  5. Avoid using acidic products. Avoid using acids or acidic materials to prepare food on granite countertops.
  6. Avoid putting meat directly on the granite countertop.
  7. Avoided sprinkling oil on the countertop.
  8. Avoid leaving wet containers directly on the granite countertop. Spills are not the only way liquids can seep into the granite. Containers such as olive oil bottles are often hard to keep completely dry, and the layer of olive oil on the bottom of the bottle will discolor the granite with prolonged contact. Leave these types of containers on a shelf or in a cabinet.
  9. Use a cutting board when preparing food. Cutting directly on the granite will damage both your knives and the countertop. Bacteria from meats and other ingredients can get into the pores of the granite, while oils or acidic ingredients can cause stains.
  10. Place trivets under any hot pots or pans. One of the benefits of granite countertops is that you can place hot pans directly onto them without causing a burn mark or “thermal shock.” However, using a trivet is still a good idea, as grit trapped between the pan and the countertop can cause scratches and pitting.
  11. Remove diamond rings before cooking. Although granite is incredibly hard and durable, diamonds are more so. Slip just once and your ring may leave a chip in your countertop

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