Natural Beauty

Here’s a little about Troy Granite:

Granite still tops the list of countertop options.

Like stainless steel appliances and great rooms, granite countertops show no sign of losing their appeal.

In a recent Harris Interactive survey of 1,588 homeowners, 76 percent agreed with the statement: “Nothing beats the beauty and value of granite countertops.” Seventy-five percent of the respondents who planned to remodel their kitchen in the next two years want to install granite countertops.

I had the chance to interview Mustafa Tuncer, President of Troy Granite, whose company has specialized in the sale and installation of granite for more than 25 years.  Troy Granite has three locations; Newark, DE; Pittsburgh, PA; and Harrisburg, PA.  Tuncer says they are a “one-stop shop for kitchen and bathroom renovations,” and he’s not kidding.  He knows why the natural stone remains in such high demand. “Granite is so popular because of its beauty, properties and price,” says Tuncer.

What I learned about Troy Granite was quite impressive. They are not just a traditional granite company. Troy Granite also sells and professionally installs affordable kitchen cabinets, backsplashes, bathroom cabinets, full bathroom renovations, hardwood floors, tiles, floor stones, and more. Their staff includes a full time interior designer and a flooring specialist with over 35 years of experience to assist their customers in making their homes truly beautiful. I asked Tuncer how they are able survive in this economy with the price and quality they offer.  Tuncer replied, “There are a few reasons.  The primary reason is that we don’t use a middle-man to buy our granite slabs.  We search all around the world for the highest quality stones at the lowest prices and import them directly from the quarry to our showroom.  We have slabs from Brazil, India, Turkey, Italy and, whenever possible, we acquire stones from right here in the United States.  Additionally, we use state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly processes to minimize waste and lower production cost, including using recycled water in our machines and giving our natural stone waste to construction companies for raw concrete material.  Finally, we are able to offer high quality materials and craftsmanship at lower cost because everything is done right here by Troy Granite employees.  We do not contract out our work like many of our competitors.  When you work with Troy Granite you work with our employees from the moment you walk through our doors until the day you are a satisfied customer, enjoying your new kitchen.

“We are growing every day.  The reason we are growing faster than our competitors is not because we are giving the best price out there, it is because of our outstanding customer service. We pay attention our customers’ needs, we listen to them and find the best solution for them.


“We want our customers to have the best renovation experience possible. That’s why Troy Granite invests a great amount of time and effort in training our employees. We have the best trained staff in the business.  From our sales team, to our fabrication team, from our full-time interior designer to our flooring and tile specialist with over 35 years of experience, every member of the Troy Granite family is committed to excellence both individually and as a company” says Mr. Tuncer.

If you’re thinking of investing in granite, here are some points you should consider.

  1. The size of the space:

You’ll need the dimensions of the room and cabinets, of course. But the size of the room may also influence the color.  Tuncer suggests, “If you have a small kitchen, using a darker color granite might make it look even smaller, especially if there is not sufficient natural light.”

  1. Other colors in the space:

Some homeowners build the room’s color scheme around the granite. In that case, you need only bring the room’s dimensions to the store. Otherwise, bring paint chips, fabric, cabinet wood samples, flooring – “anything that will help you make the best color choice,” Tuncer says. “Everything has to work together to bring the space together.”

  1. The entire slab:

Tuncer emphasized that it’s imperative that you see a full slab and not just a hand held sample. He said that “Just basing your selection on a sample could be catastrophic.  The sample might be years old, meaning that its color could vary from the slabs that are now being quarried. Never base your selection on a brochure or website. Just use them as guides.”

  1. The edge:

Granite countertops can be edged in different shapes, from a squared edge to a bull nose to a more ornate finish. Parents may lean toward a child-friendly edge that won’t hurt tiny foreheads. Others match the edge to the cabinet’s crown molding.

“Edge is a very personal choice,” Tuncer notes. However, if you choose a very dark colored stone, it’s harder to appreciate an ornate edge from a distance. He suggests investing the money you’d spend in a fancy edge on the stone itself.

Troy Granite is located at 711 Interchange Boulevard in Newark. In addition to stone, Troy Granite also offers cabinetry, flooring, sinks and faucets. Call (302) 292-1750 or visit