Setting the Stone Standard in Delaware

In the heart of Delaware, Troy Granite stands as a beacon for homeowners and renovators seeking high-quality countertops. With over 25 years in the natural stone industry, Troy Granite’s family-owned business is a cornerstone in the community.

Expanding Horizons to Nearby Regions

Troy Granite extends its exceptional services to Maryland, Pittsburgh, Camp Hill, Harrisburg, Chester County, and New Jersey. The blend of quality and affordability in their offerings makes them a preferred choice for countertop solutions far and wide.

A Spectrum of Material Choices

Troy Granite houses a vast array of countertop materials including granite, marble, and quartz. Each material brings a unique aesthetic and functional advantage, catering to varied tastes and renovation needs.

The Epicenter of Kitchen Renovations

Beyond countertops, Troy Granite is a hub for comprehensive kitchen renovations. They offer a one-stop solution, providing cabinets, backsplashes, and an array of sinks to transform your kitchen into a space of elegance and utility.

Crafting Dream Spaces

Their team of skilled professionals guides you from selection to installation, ensuring a seamless renovation experience. They translate your vision into reality, crafting spaces that resonate with elegance and functionality.

Satisfied Homemakers: A Testament to Quality

The stream of positive testimonials from satisfied homemakers paints a picture of trust and satisfaction. Their legacy of quality and customer satisfaction reverberates across Delaware and neighboring regions.

Invitation to Experience Elegance

Visit the Troy Granite showrooms in Delaware, Pittsburgh, or Harrisburg and step into a world of elegant, durable, and affordable countertop solutions. The journey towards crafting your dream space begins with Troy Granite.


Troy Granite’s commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and affordable luxury makes them the go-to choice for countertops and kitchen renovations in Delaware and beyond. Explore their offerings today and invest in a legacy of elegance and durability.

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