Adding granite countertops to your home will likely increase your home value. after all, renovating your kitchen is making you feel good as long as you leave in the house and adding value is a pretty good deal for a homeowner. There are great granite colors that is not costing too much if you are on a budget. Such as butterfly, Absolute Cream, Azul Platino, Coffee Imperial. Depending on your kitchen granite countertops starts from $1,499 but it might add $5000 value to your home value. Troy granite makes it really easy to work this whole process out for homeowners.
1- call for a free in-home estimate. we come measure and show you sample stones and give you estimate right at your home.
2- You come and pick your whole granite slab
3- We come and laser measure your kitchen
4- You come and see your kitchen layout and granite on the computer screen before even we install. You see the seams and patterns
5- we come and install your kitchen.

Pretty straightforward and easy process.

whatever you decide to do in the end it is your decision and it is your home. If you think in you will live longer in your home maybe you would like to get little more exotic colors to suit your taste. There are exotic colors that cost from $45 sqft to $300 sqft but do not alarm by $300 sqft since there are amazing colors on low-cost granite colors that will be great in your kitchen.

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