Step into the heart of your home, the kitchen, where shared laughter and the sizzle of family recipes resonate. At Troy Granite, we craft the perfect stage for these precious moments. Our exquisite granite, marble, and quartz countertops have become integral to families in Delaware and neighboring counties, creating spaces that sing with beauty and life.

Granite Countertops: The Heartbeat of Your Kitchen

Envision the rhythmic chop on a robust granite surface as you prepare a family feast. Celebrated for their resilience, our granite countertops have captured the hearts of homeowners across New Castle, Kent, and Sussex counties. They blend practicality with elegance, providing a surface ready for life’s daily dance.

Marble Countertops: A Symphony of Elegance in Cecil County, MD

Furthermore, in Cecil County, MD, the allure of marble countertops cannot be overstated. An increasing number of homeowners here opt for marble, drawn to its old-world charm and contemporary prestige. We handpick each marble slab, ensuring your kitchen sings with a melody of unique veining and luxury.

Quartz Countertops: The Contemporary Chorus in Chester County, PA

Similarly, Chester County, PA, with its mix of historical richness and modern flair, finds a perfect match in quartz countertops. Homes here, each with their unique narratives, benefit from the durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic versatility of our quartz. It’s the top choice for a county that values both heritage and forward-thinking design.

Crafting Countertops for Every Corner of Delaware and Neighboring Regions

From the bustling neighborhoods of Wilmington to the tranquil shores of Dover, our countertops have become a cornerstone of Delaware homes. Yet, our reach extends beyond these state lines into the heartlands of Pennsylvania and Maryland. In places like Lancaster, Chester, and Cecil counties, our commitment to delivering personalized countertops resonates in every kitchen we enhance.

Why Choose Us? Because We’re Family

When you step into Troy Granite, you join a family that treasures the art of craftsmanship and the warmth of customer relationships. Whether it’s selecting a marble centerpiece for Cecil County or designing a quartz masterpiece for Chester County, we ensure each countertop integrates seamlessly into your home, laying the foundation for countless future memories.


If you’re poised to start a transformational journey with us, let’s connect. We will craft a kitchen space where every meal becomes a sensory feast, and every moment is wrapped in the warmth of home. With Troy Granite, your kitchen renovation transcends a mere project; it marks the start of a new, cherished chapter in your home’s story, celebrated in Cecil County, MD, Chester County, PA, and beyond.