by Jim Cebeci

Back in my home country marble or granite kitchens were commonplace. Not just the countertops but the floors, stairs, bathrooms and walls are granite and marble. It’s not necessarily because it’s affordable, but over thousands of years it has become tradition to build your house with granite and marble.

This is how I grew up back in my country and I wanted to bring that tradition and experience to the United States with me. We don’t need to analyze the stone in a chemical or technical way in order to find out the quality of the stone, all it takes is to touch the surface of the stone and let it talk back to us. I guess you can call that “stone whispering”.

At Troy Granite we choose to promote employees internally because we believe that the best leaders are those who know and understand the challenges and responsibilities of those they are leading. We believe that a good sales manager should also be continuously learning in order to maintain relevance. They need to be “in the field” from time to time to better understand what their sales staff encounters. The worst mistake a sales manager can make is to simply stay in the office.

Similarly a salesperson needs to know their product before they can sell it. In order to sell a countertop you need to be intimately familiar with both the stone and the process. A salesperson armed with knowledge of their product and their company is better equipped to help their customers have a smooth, pleasurable experience.

At Troy Granite, we strive to constantly find new inspiration and develop fresh ideas because we understand that clients’ needs change constantly. There are always new challenges, new ideas and new aspirations. We are committed to continue growing and adapting to remain a leader in our industry.